Surrey Model Escorts London

Surrey Escorts London

Surrey is a county just south of London and is home to some of London’s richest commuters.

Your escort will love to hear the story of Surrey’s long history stretching back to the 11th Century when William II granted William de Warenne the title of Earl of Surrey as a reward for Warenne’s loyalty. You must tell your escort that it was in Surrey in Runnymede that the great Magna Carter was signed, the famous charter that set England on its course for the next 800 years. You should also tell her that Surrey has had a tumultuous past. In 1216 Gulidford Castle was overrun by supporters of Prince Louis of France and in 1497 over 15,000 Cornish rebels overran the county on their way to London.

Make sure your escort knows the origin of the name Surrey; it appears as far back as 836 in an Anglo Saxon chronicle as Subrigean and means “south ridge” or “soutrh region”. Imagine as you take a walk with her over the North Downs, how exciting it would have been to have been there back in the Middle Ages – you can pretend that she is your wench and you are her knight in shining armour.

Modern day Surrey is much in the Green Belt and is rolling downland with mainly chalk hills –you should take her to the second highest place in Southern England called Leigh Hill. By the time you get to the top you will both be weary and deserve a refreshing drink. There are some beautiful villages in this county which you and your escort should definitely visit. She will laugh to hear the nickname give to the people living in Surrey who are called “Surrey Capon” as it ws well known in the Middle Ages that the county was where chickens were fattened up for the London meat markets.


Your escort will love to be taken along the North Downs Way and she will wonder at a visit to Polesden Lacy near Dorking, a lovely Regency Villa with a collection of 18th century paintings, furniture, porcelain and silver. Some of the other lovely towns and villages to visit are Godalming, Wallington and Reigate.

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