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Paris Escorts France


Paris is a wonderful city and such a romantic place to take your escort. The French capital exudes love and your escort will marvel at some of the most romantic places to visit. But first you must ensure you book into the world famous George V Hotel and the best hotel in Paris. Your escort will fall in love with you as you

take her into one of its beautifully decorated rooms. Luxury oozes through this hotel and you will be spending some wonderful intimate times with her during your stay. Don’t forget to pamper her and treat

her to a special spa treatment.

Let us begin with seeing some of the famous sites. Take your escort to the Eiffel Tower where you can both gaze across this magical city as you get to the top. Built in 1889 for the World Fair exhibition, it is the tallest building in Paris and also the most visited monument in the world and is certainly one of Paris’s most famous landmarks. Then make sure you and your sexy escort visit the Arc de Triomphe which stands at

the end of the Champs- Elysees. Built in 1810 in honour of the heroes of the Napoleonic Wars it gives you another panoramic view over Paris ; underneath the arch is the tomb of the unknown soldier from

World War I.

After seeing these two famous monuments it is time to experience one of Paris’s other fantastic experiences – the delicious French cuisine. You must share some oysters with her over a chilled glass of Chablis- it will be the beginning of a very intimate afternoon as you stroll back to the hotel to spend some time alone with her. She will also love to experience the fabulous French patisseries. When you are both relaxed you should take her to Montmartre – this is a very romantic place with the Famous Sacre Coeur cathedral at the top of the hill. Here was where the Parisian artists such as Monet and Cezanne spent their time sharing ideas as they sat and drank and smoked. Let your escort and you breathe in the Parsiian atmosphere as you walk through

this bustling area.

She will be entranced by this city as you experience its incredible vibrancy. There is so much to see – next

take her to Notre Dame which sits on the L’isle de Seine in the middle of the Seine river. This 12th Century cathedral is where the legend of the hunchback of Notre Dame originated.

Now so far your stunning escort has been distracted by Paris’s myriad of sites but you will not be able keep her away from shopping too long . So why not take her to Fauburg Saint-Honore, the fashionable area with designer stores such as Hermes and Christian Lacroix. And then to Place Vendome which is renowned for its deluxe hotels and its jewellery stores – treat her to a special piece of jewellery as a memoire of your beautiful time together in Paris.

There is so much to do in this incredible city. Next you must set aside some cultural time and visit the Louvre, the most famous and most visited museum in the world. The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace which Louis XIV used as a display to house his royal collection of antique sculpture. Your intelligent escort will marvel at the fabulous wealth displayed in the palace rooms which remain as they were in the 16th Century. As you leave the Louvre take a leisurely stroll through the 16th Century Tuileries Gardens which are laid out next to the banks of the Seine.


Finally. No visit to Paris is complete without a special trip to the Palace of Versailles , just south of Paris where Louis XIV established his royal court in 1682 and which became an absolute monarchy of the Ancien Regime. The vastness of the palace is awe inspiring with luxury beyond the imagination. Try and pretend that you and your escort are coutiers in Louis’ court and imagine the fun and games you might be having

in such a fascinating era. Wander through the extensive gardens which are laid out to perfection.

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