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New York has to be one of the must see cities of the world to take your escort. She will just love the atmosphere and you will need to spend a good week there to enjoy the city. New York is the most populous city in the United States. It is also a leading global city with a powerful influence over finance, the media, fashion , culture and the arts.

First you need to tell her something of its history- founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch settlers in 1624. She will be fascinated to hear that originally the settlement was called New Amsterdam until the colony came under English control in 1664. She will marvel at being told that it is the most ethnically diverse city in the world with as many as 800 languages are spoken in the city.

As you fly in with your beautiful escort you should look down at the Statue of Liberty which is the gateway to New York and greeted millions of immigrants coming to America in tehe early 19th and 20th Centuries. It is difficult to know where to start there are so many places to see in the city. Your escort will love to see the bright lights of Times Square and she will adore going to the see a performance at one of Broadways

famous theatres.

There are some wonderful hotels to stay in New York. Why not stay at the famous Waldorf Hotel or the New York Palace Hotel just off 5th Avenue and once owned by Prince Jefri of Brunei. Before you embark on any more visit to landmark tourist sites, your escort will be dying to go shopping on Fifth Avenue. You must buy her a special present in Saks of Fifth Avenue where there are all the top designer brands that she

could ever wish.


One of New York’s iconic building, the Empire State Building is a must to see. Your artistic escort will love the Art Deco interior and will enjoy hearing about how one of the tallest skyscrapers in the 1920s was built. Another iconic part of New York is the subway and although not particularly safe if you and your escort want to experience something a little dangerous and different you should take her on the underground network and imagine you are in the film “The Taking of Pelham 123”.


Don’t forget that while in New York you are on an island – Manhattan and you should visit the south of the city to the port area called Battery Park which is the old artillery area near the harbour and just near here is Wall Street where all the major global banks have their headquarters. Your escort will be impressed when you tell her that the New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world by

market capitalisation.


You should wander through and reminisce over the 1980s and the film Wall Street with its arch character Gordon Gecko, the hugely ambitious and arrogant investment banker played by Michael Douglas. There are numerous restaurants in New York where you will be able to spend time with your escort – you should certainly take her to China Town which attracts many tourists with its bustling sidewalks and retail shops.

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