Madrid Model Escorts Spain

Madrid Escorts Spain


Madrid is a wonderful city to visit, majestic as it stands as the capital city of Spain. When you take your escort there, you must both experience the unique Spanish atmosphere and breathe in the past in the historic capital making sure you visit the many historic sites.


Your escort will be fascinated to hear that the city’s past stretches back before the Romans with its ancient name originating from the name of the river that crossed this settlement called “Matrice” and meaning the “home of abundant water”.

Impress your beautiful escort by telling her about the city’s emblem of a bear and strawberry tree which originates from the abundance of bears which used to live in the nearby forests. Your stay in Madrid will be a feast of enjoyment for you and your escort as the city has a rich heritage of architecture and art.


Tell her about the Spanish Golden Age when Madrid was at the height of its glory. King Phillip II of Spain built the great royal monastery called El Escovial which you must visit – he invited some of Europe’s greatest architects and painters. She will also be impressed to know that the renowned Diego Velazquez who was one of the most influential painters of his time was invited by King Phillip IV to his palace and the close relationship they developed resulted in some magnificent portraits in European Art.

Also El Greco was another famous painter of that period who infused Spanish Art with the style of the Italian Rennaissance. You and your gorgeous escort will be dazzled by the wealth of architecture and art. And of course it was the city where the author of that romantic hero Don Quixote lived, Miguel Cervantes. You can play with your escort and pretend to be her Don Quixote.

There are many ancient squares and streets where you will enjoy strolling with your stunning escort; you will be proud of the many heads you will turn as you walk with her through this fashionable city. Enjoy a romantic drink in one of the many stylish bars in the historic centre. After spending a relaxing intimate time with her in your luxury hotel, then it’s time to visit the extensive Royal Palace of Madrid and perhaps take her to a performance at the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre), a restored 1850 Opera House.


You will love taking your escort to the 3 superb art museums in the city – Prado Museum hosting one of the finest art collections in the world, the Museo Nacional Centro, a museum of modern art and finally the Thyssen- Bornenisza Museum within the Villa Hermosa Palace. After all that culture you must take her back to your hotel and unwind her gently spending some relaxing time together.

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