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Hong Kong is a fascinating place to take your escort for an exotic holiday location in southern China.


Your escort will love to hear about its history going back several hundred years. It started as a fishing village, moving on to salt production eventually becoming a military port with significant strategic importance.


Of course today it is a leading global financial centre. Your escort will be excited to hear that during the 19th Century there were a series of Opium Wars between Britain and China over the importation of opium. In 1841, Britain established a Crown colony.


There are many exciting places to stay and visit with your escort in this magical place – even the name Hong Kong is entrancing meaning “fragrant harbour”. You must stay in one of Hong Kong’s luxury hotels and you and your escort will love to experience the incredible retail in the centre offering all the designer labels you can imagine. It is essential you treat her to a gift as a memorable token of your time there.

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