Fulham Model Escorts London

Fulham Escorts London


Fulham is in south west London situated between Chelsea and Putney. It boasts two premiership football grounds in Chelsea and Fulham. You must get tickets for you and your sporty escort to see Chelsea play where you may end up mixing with its wealthy billionaire owner Roman Abramovich ; let your escort enjoy watching his fabulous line up of players on a warm Spring afternoon.


After the match you can take your escort to Marco’s , the restaurant near the club owned by the Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White.

Your escort will also want to hear about some of Fulham’s rich history ; impress your escort by telling her about Fulham Palace which was originally the home of the Bishop of London although now it is a museum.


Your escort will love to hear about the origin of the name Fulham which means either a place “of mud” or “of fowls” clearly deriving from the proximity of Fulham to the River Thames and its regular flooding in centuries past. Its history goes all the way back to 879 when Danish invaders sailing along the Thames , set up camp at Fulham and Hammersmith.


Your Escort will be interested to hear that in the 18th Century Fulham had a reputation for debauchery and was the equivalent of a modern day “Las Vegas” for the wealthy residents of London. Nowadays, Fulham is a wealthy part of London with some extremely desirable residences. It is worth a stroll along the banks of the River Thames particularly during the summer months.

Fulham has a number of places of interest including another restaurant the famous River Cafe which was founded by Rose Gray and sample some simple delicious British cuisine with your delectable escort.


There are numerous pubs in the area which are especially well known. Enjoy a quiet drink with your escort at one of London’s famous pubs, “The White Horse” in Parsons Green often referred to locally as “The Sloaney Pony” because of the smart set from Sloane Square known as “Sloane Rangers” who frequent the pub. Have fun with your escort girlfriend spotting the “Hooray Henry” at the bar.

Another very well known London venue based in Fulham is the Hurlingham Club , famous as an exclusive sports club where the membership waiting list is about 15 years. See whether you can contact one of your wealthy friends and be invited as a guests – you and your attractive escort to watch a polo game at the club.

Perhaps you will also want to take  her for a long walk in one of the many open spaces in the area including Hurlingham Park and Bishop’s Park. As you take a stroll through Fulham with your stunning escort you must tell her that Fulham has been the setting for a number of well known films such as The Omen (that will frighten her) and that Fulham Broadway station was used as a setting in the film Sliding Doors.


You should also take your escort to nearby Chelsea so that she can experience the fun of shopping along the Kings Road made famous in the Swinging Sixties.

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