Edgware Road Model Escorts London

Edgware Road Escorts London


The Edgware Road is a district in Central London rich in ethnic culture. Your escort will delight to hear about its history as it was originally a Roman road extending into Watling Street. And even before the Roman times it was an ancient track winding its way through the Great Middlesex forest. She will be fascinated to hear how migrant Arabs were attracted to the area in the late 19th Century as trade with the great Ottoman Empire increased.

You should take her for a stroll starting at Marble Arch and experience some of the Middle Eastern culture. Share together a delightful Lebanese meal from one of the many restaurants along this part of the Edgware Road. Also enjoy with your sexy escort one of the late night bars and shisha cafes. Make her laugh by telling her that there are a number of nicknames for this part of London – Little Cairo, Little Beirut and Little Cyprus.

The Edgware road is also referred to the area close to Marble Arch and you should treat your escort to a piece of history by telling her that nearby used to stand the Tyburn Tree which until the 18th Century stood as the site of public executions – the site now is occupied by a pub called the Tyburn. The other side of Marble Arch is the famous Park Lane.


You must stroll down this wide boulevard and let your escort look into some of the best motor dealerships in London- Aston Martin, Lambourghini and Porsche to name just a few. If your lovely escort is being particularly amiable you may want to treat her to a wonderful new sports car.


You should also stay at one of Park Lane’s impressive luxury hotels , some of the finest in London, the Grosvenor and the Dorchester. You could spend a lovely them together in one of the luxury suites sharing some intimate times together. Or you could visit some of the finest estate agents and look to buy

her an apartment.

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