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Dubai is the second largest emirate in the Middle East after Abu Dhabi and is

the shopping capital of the region. You will find so much to entertain your escort and she will be in shopping heaven while you are there.


Indeed Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world so you may need several days just to cope with all those designer shops! There are in fact more than 70 shopping malls alone in Dubai.

You should also take your escort to see some of the fascinating history of the city and take a visit to Al Fahidi Fort which is the oldest building in Dubai, built in 1799. She will be fascinated to learn that Dubai has historically been known for its pearling industry as far back as 1580. Obviously more recently Dubai has become very rich through its discovery of oil in 1966 and since then of course tourism has become the main economic driver.

One of the highlights of Dubai are the world famous hotels – you must make sure you and your lovely escort stay in one of the 7 star hotels so that she can lap up the luxury. Treat her to a week at the wonderful dazzling Burj Al Arab designed in the shape of a yacht on the edge of the sea.


Your escort will marvel at the gold furniture and make sure she enjoys the incredible dishes in the underwater restaurant. She will feel like a princess as you sweep her into your luxury room for some intimate time.

You can also experience with your escort shopping of a different sort by visiting one of the famous souks. Excite her mind by telling your escort that souk is the Arabic word for a market or any sort of place where goods of any kind are bought and exchanged.


You will have alot of fun with her haggling and bargaining with the souk sellers over their wares – see which of you can haggle the best price from them – she will of course win as the sellers will inevitably lower their prices for her when they see your beautiful escort! Walk through the teeming throngs of people and experience the noise and buzz of the souk – she will especially enjoy the jewellery souk where shop after shop is full of gold and silver – so exciting!

After all the excitement take your escort back to a soothing massage o your hotel room – after all the jewellery you will have bought her she may just want to treat you to something special.


There is so much to see in Dubai – it is now the place with the tallest building in the world – the Burk Khalifa which has just finished being constructed so you must take your escort to the top in the fastest lift she will ever have experienced and then see the wonderful views over the Gulf.


You will be able to see the new constructed developments of the Palm Islands – new houses and apartments laid out in the shape of a palm – a large number of celebrities have already bought into the development including David Beckham.


You can also show your lovely escort The World Islands which are currently under construction in the shape of the world and all the countries in it.


Again to change the scene don’t forget to spend some quality time with your lovely escort on the pristine beach by your hotel sharing some fun and games and enjoying the warm sea waters with her.


Your stay in Dubai will be so enjoyable for you and your escort that you may want to stay an extra week just relaxing with her in the hotel and enjoying each other’s company.

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