Central London Model Escorts

Central London Escorts


The centre of Central London is marked by a cross at Charing Cross named the Eleanor Cross. This originated from when King Edward 1 built the memorial in memory of his wife.


The cross was originally built of wood but soon replaced with stone and a marble monument. Your escort will be fascinated to find out the origin of the name Charing Cross. Popular legend has it that the name was connected with Edward’s “dear queen” (chere reine) from which originated the name of Cherringe

or Charing.

There are so many places to visit in Central London which your escort will love to see. Just down from Charing Cross is Trafalgar Square where the world famous Nelson’s column stands and the beautiful four cast iron lions which stand at the base of the column and designed by Landseer.


As your escort casts her eyes down Whitehall she will see the Houses of Parliament where the seat of the Government’s power resides and on a bright sunny day you may see some of the Queen’s Royal Cavalry exercising their fabulous horses.


From Trafalgar Square you should take your escort for a relaxing stroll down the Mall where at the end she will see Buckingham Palace.


You must treat her to see the Changing of the Guard which takes place on certain days with the impressive guards in their tall famous busby hats. There are some beautifully laid out gardens near the Palace including St James Park and Green Park.


If you take a different route from Trafalgar Square you will end up by the River Thames on the Embankment where you can walk the whole length from Westminster through to the Tower of London.


Your escort would love a boat trip on the river where you will both see a fantastic view of London’s renowned skyline.


From Westminster you will see the London Eye which is a huge wheel which tourists can travel on – take her for whirl and see all of Central London in one go. On the river you will also pass Traitor’s Gate which was where the traitors entered the Tower of London from the river.

Tell her about some of the exciting history of the river including the times in the 18th Century when the whole river froze over one winter and the London residents took to their skates and put up a fair on the frozen water.


Your escort will be so excited by the sights of Central London she can see from the river. St Paul’s Cathedral with its famous dome is a place you should take her to – this is where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married.


After visiting all these tourist sites you should check in at a nearby hotel ; The Waldorf hotel on the Aldwych in Central London is only a few metres from the river and is famous for naming the waldorf salad after it.


Spend some special time together in one of the hotels suites and then treat her to a relaxing spa treatment – her visit to Central London will be very memorable.

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