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Canary Wharf Escorts London


Canary Wharf is a large office and shopping area in East London. Your escort will probably know that it is the location of some of the major UK and international banks including HSBC, Barclays and Credit Suisse Boston. It now rivals the Square Mile, the other main financial district in the City of London.


Your lovely escort will be impressed by some of the tallest buildings in the UK, One Canada Square, 8 Canada Square and the Citigroup Centre.


Canary Wharf is built on the site of the West India Docks within the Isle of Dogs and was once the busiest docks in the world.

You must show her how clever you are by telling her that the name Canary Wharf originates from the name of the quay built in 1936 for Fruit Lines Limited a fruit importer for the Mediterranean and Canary Island fruit trade.


Today’s Canary Wharf is full of impressive shiny new buildings and was the idea of the former chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston to convert Canary Wharf into a back office. This is now some of the most expensive real estate in the UK with the HSBC building recently selling for £1.1 billion.

If you fly into the nearby City Airport with your beautiful escort, try and see how close these towering offices are as you come in to land.


Take your escort on a guided tour of some of the adjacent docks and see the old buildings which stand testimony to the huge industrial area which until 1961 were the largest in the world. Imagine with your intelligent escort how the area would have been teeming with shippers and stevedores all loading and unloading ships that had covered the high seas all over the world bringing in spices from Arabia, brightly coloured cloths from India and all kinds of exotic fruits from Africa and beyond. Both of you can revel in this fascinating part of London’s rich historic past.


You should then check in at the Four Seasons hotel and spend some intimate time with your escort pampering her and enjoying each other’s company in this wonderful luxury hotel.


Spoil your escort with a spa treatment and then visit some of the jewellers in Canary Wharf where you can buy her a memorable piece of jewellery – perhaps a luxury branded watch to help her remember the wonderful time you spent together.


The first high rise buildings were completed in 1991 but shortly after the property market collapsed and Olympia and York, the company which owned Canary Wharf filed for bankruptcy in 1992. Since that date however there has been a large number of new office developments built and the area has become hugely successful in attracting international employers.


There are now a large number of smart restaurants where you should take your escort for a wonderful lunch.

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